quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013

x0rb Updates & More!

Hi, Everyone!
x0rb added some cool features that I thought you all might like! They’ve added:
  1. Fixed moods.
  2. Added furniture.
  3. Increased stability.
  4. Faster loader.
  5. New website layout.
  6. Fixed the register bug.
  7. New Account Manager!
  8. Fixed PM
  9. There’s now a store!
Here’s what x0rb is currently working on:
  1. Reputation.
  2. BFF/Marry.
  3. Namecolor Changer.
Also… Staff applications are now being looked at! You can send them to x0rb@live.com Here’s the requirements:
  • Username
  • ID
  • Age
  • Country
  • Languages Spoken
  • Previous Experience
  • How can you help x0rb?
x0rb is also having a contest!! x0rb is going to be redesigning the home page, so they need your help! Send all TRAILER auditions to x0rb@live.com yes.. Trailers.. – and the best one will receive infinite Subscriber(Like V.I.P), Beta Hat (if they don’t have one) and one stripe on their player badge! You can check the sidebar onx0rb.info to see when they’re accepting auditions, and when they’re done! Make sure it’s yours, not someone elses!!
That’s all for tonight!  ~Cyberwolf


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